Material issues

The Sustainability Committee carried out a Materiality Assessment, in order to identify those issues that are relevant to the different stakeholders. The process considered the following sources of information.


During 2021, the Company carried out a study in order to know the perception of employees, customers, suppliers, authorities and the community about the performance of Golden Omega in environmental, social and governance issues. For this, the methodology of the Stakeholders Sustainable Index (SSIndex) was applied, an indicator created by academics from prestigious universities in the United States, and which allows identifying and managing sources of risk and sustainability through a 360-degree analysis of the interest groups consulted.

The result of the SSINDEX 2021 in Golden Omega was 70%. This means that the employees, clients, suppliers and communities (neighbors and authorities) measured with that average score the work that Golden Omega does with environmental, social and governance (ESG) variables that impact the future value of the company and the commitment of its stakeholders.

Based on the above information, the Committee identified 19 material issues that were prioritized according to their impact and feasibility of treatment, which are summarized in the following matrix:

Sustainability strategy

Considering the material issues identified above, the Sustainability Committee developed a corporate sustainability strategy for the 2022-2025 period, based on four pillars around our commitment:

Prioritized lines of action

This strategy is aligned with 6 sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations and will allow Golden Omega to address the different material issues, prioritizing them according to their feasibility and impact, as shown below:

Culture of sustainability

Environmental care

Materiality: Carbon footprint

* Unitary value (divided by the sum of tons of product and by-product)
** Compared to year 2020

Materiality: Waste management

* Compared to year 2021

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