Purity is in all our operations


For Golden Omega, purity is paramount Therefore, our operations are respectful of the environment and the ocean. This includes actions that go beyond what is required by regulation, as well as active cooperation with national organizations and authorities.


Responsible sourcing

We have complete traceability of our raw material (fish oil). Each of our suppliers is certified by MarinTrust and Friend of the Seas programs as responsible in their catch and production activities. Golden Omega is part of the chain of custody for both certifications. Additionally, Golden Omega participates in the Dolphin Safe program, aimed at protecting these mammals.

ORIVO certification

Consumers are increasingly demanding complete transparency about the sources of Omega-3 products. Golden Omega’s unique and strategic location in the South Pacific Ocean allows us to offer a guaranteed, tested and certified source of origin for all our Omega-3 concentrates.

The result of twenty years of research, the technology developed by the Norwegian company ORIVO makes it possible to verify the authenticity of a marine ingredient with respect to its species and geographical origin. This is done through a laboratory test based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance that compares the chemical structure of the analyzed products with a unique database in the world of reference chemical samples and structures.

Water footprint


At Golden Omega, most of the water consumed by the operation is used in cooling processes. For this we use only seawater.

In 2021, 3.1% of the total water consumption in our facilities came from the drinking water network, which in turn is supplied entirely from groundwater. According to the World Resources Institute, Arica is a declared zone with very high hydric stress. For this reason, since 2019 significant efforts have been made to reduce the consumption of drinking water, among them a optimization of parameters for water quality and investments to achieve greater water recirculation within the production process.


Since its start, Golden Omega has had a first-class liquid industrial waste treatment plant, with our effluents having contaminant levels orders of magnitude below what is allowed by current regulations. Even so, during the last few years we have proactively invested in increasing its capacity, ensuring that we achieve the minimum emission of pollutants that is technically possible.

Pollutant levels are measured and analyzed monthly. Starting in 2022 the results of said analysis will be published monthly on the company’s website, for consultation by the community.

Since 2011 we have permanently executed an “Environmental Surveillance Program”. This consists of periodic monitoring of the discharge zone for wastewater -which is located more than 300 meters from the coast, outside the Coastal Protection Zone. This program is carried out by the Fisheries Research Institute in order to determine if our operation generates any environmental impact. During 2020 we decided to extend the same study to the Coastal Protection Zone. To date, said Institute has concluded that the behavior of the body of water has been normal, with the variation typical of the effects of nature.


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