People are the basis of what we are and what we do


Our team is the basis of what we are and what we do. We maintain a firm commitment to their occupational health and safety and we care about fostering a work environment based on solid values, professional quality and collaboration; in addition to generating the conditions that allow the personal development of each worker.

We Are GoldenOmega

Organizational safety culture

The culture of a company influences the different aspects of our work, including safety. In order to improve our performance in this area, in September 2020 the specialized consultancy of the ACHS was contracted, who made a diagnosis on the organizational culture regarding safety and concluded on the importance of reinforcing the culture by strengthening leadership in safety and increase the perception of risk in the face of common and daily exposures. This translated into concrete actions that were carried out during 2021, such as aligning people, processes and metrics to reduce exposure to risks in the workplace, individual coaching of leaders, workshops for managers and frequent communications to the entire personnel about safety.

The implementation of this methodology led to a cultural change in all areas of the organization. The results have been reflected in the figures, with Golden Omega achieving its best historical performance in terms of safety in 2021. We hope to extend the program to other leaders of the organization in 2022 and carry out a new diagnosis of our safety culture.

Covid 19

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have taken different actions in order to protect the health of our team and maintain the continuity of operations:

Cell work scheme and the adoption of home office for administrative staff.

Greater use of technology to strengthen the operation, facilitate remote monitoring and communication with workers.

The adoption of various preventive sanitary measures within the production plant: sanitary filter at entry, permanent sanitization, use of masks and gloves, etc.

Mass vaccination campaigns for workers in Arica and their families.

The application of these measures has made it possible to have a very low infection rate and to keep the plant 100% operational throughout this period.


Division at all levels

Mental Health

Given the magnitude of the changes generated by COVID-19 and its possible consequences on the mental health of our team, in June 2020 an agreement was signed with Centro de las Familias Foundation, for the diagnosis and psychological care of those workers affected by the pandemic, for free and with total confidentiality.

Given the success of the program, during the same year we decided to extend psychological support to the family group of our workers.


To manufacture the best Omega-3 it is necessary to have a highly specialized team. We have the challenge of attracting and developing the necessary talent for a high technology and unprecedented industry in Arica and Chile. For this, it is essential to have a training program that allows us to ensure the quality of our products and at the same time achieve high operational efficiency.

The restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic led us during 2021 to implement new tools to support internal remote training. The new Training Portal allowed us to expand the number of trained personnel, by conducting courses online. In 2022, we hope to increase the number of courses on this platform and incorporate our contractors’ personnel into it.


Our staff is diverse. Proof of this is that we obtained a score of 89% in the SSIndex in this area, the highest score within the topics evaluated by the workers.

Convinced that this diversity enriches us as an organization, we will therefore continue to foster a culture in our team where non- discrimination and respect are promoted, and a place where each worker can aspire to develop their full potential, especially our women and those workers in disability situation. We aspire over the next few years to promote this culture in our contractors.

Following the same principles described above, we believe in fair remuneration as a responsibility with our team:

New ways of working

The COVID-19 pandemic radically changed the way we work, posing significant challenges to keeping our teams connected, aligned and cohesive.

The rapid adoption of technology by our staff, especially those working remotely, has allowed us to respond appropriately to this new reality and, at the same time, has presented us with new opportunities for the future. During 2022, we hope to consolidate various team building and wellness initiatives, in addition to strengthening communication within the company.


During 2021, our workers in Chile with indefinite contracts have been able to access different benefits and agreements with institutions to access discounts and special programs, including the following:

Bonuses and gratuities indicated in the current collective agreement.

Complementary health and life insurance for the worker and his direct family group, with a copayment.

Education allowances for workers and their children.

Food boxes.

Free psychological care agreement.


Because we believe in the health benefits of Omega-3, towards the end of 2020 Golden Omega and its client Newscience established an alliance to share our Omega-3 with those who produce it every day. This joint effort has allowed us to offer our workers in Chile access to know the relevance of Omega-3 in their health, measure the level of Omega-3 in their blood and supplement themselves with Omega-3 for free.


Our contractors are an essential part of Golden Omega’s activity. We care about building a long-term relationship with them, based on professional excellence, the adoption of safety standards similar to those applicable to our workers, and the joint development of specialized knowledge and techniques for our industry.

During 2022 we expect to strengthen the administrative processes associated with the selection and hiring of third parties, as well as the training of their personnel in security and anti-corruption matters, through the adoption of specialized digital tools.

By 2025, our goal is to formalize a contractor development program that allows us to systematically address our relationship with the most recurrent local suppliers.


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